brewvana drinks like a monk

Many of you are familiar with my beery antics on brewvana, and I expect we’ll recruit a few more readers during this special project we’re taking on for Lent 2010–a 46-day fast on nothing but doppelbock and water. Welcome, all!

The About Page gives you a little more background on what’s happening with this book project, and I’ll try to toss out a few updates before Lent actually starts. One element of the project that I’m looking forward to in particular is the fact that we’ll be collaborating with Eric Sorensen of Rock Bottom Restaurant and Brewery in Des Moines to brew the beer–based on one of my homebrew recipes–that I’ll be consuming throughout Lent. The good news here is that you can join in and drink my beer! We’re plotting a special tapping and beer dinner for March 8–Fat Tuesday–so stay tuned for details on that!

Peace and Pints!



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