Getting the ducks in row

An idea which hatched over two years ago, this absurd-yet-beautiful sounding project has been no half-cocked effort. Though I’ve been doing coordination, research and writing preliminary chapters for the book for over six months, it is only now that it’s time to start talking in earnest about what’s about to happen.

Oh, sure, I’ve talked with nutritionists, fasters, pastors and beer geeks. I’ve even talked with my wife! But the reality became even more focused yesterday when Eric Sorensen of Rock Bottom Restaurant and Brewery-Des Moines and I brewed the beer which I will be consuming for the 46 days of Lent–Illuminator Doppelbock. You can read more about that day over at brewvana.

Some folks will write this off as boozified stunt, but in actuality, this is a very serious project. I have a job which I mean to keep. I have health which I mean to keep. I have a genuine love for beer, and am very drawn to the rich history it carries. Forty-six days is a long time without food. But if the the Paulaner brothers could do it under the guidance of God, I should be able to as well. A spiritual journey of this nature is no laughing matter, and I very much look forward to sharing it with you.

To that end, I’ve enlisted the help of a local pastor to serve as my spiritual advisor for the duration of the project. We’ll be meeting weekly, and his job is to keep me on track. He’s a kind and gentle man, for which I have the deepest respect. I’ve only known Rev. Ken Rummer for a couple of years, but he’s the guy that came to mind when I knew I’d want a man of the cloth in my corner.

Though he doesn’t drink himself, he knew my passion for beer (taking note, I suppose, of the quality-over-quantity nuance to my own preaching), understood what I was up to, and didn’t hesitate to sign on to assist. For that I am very grateful.

And besides, what’s cooler than a Presbyterian minister who cruises town in a Mustang?

There are only 40 days remaining before the adventure begins. Do me a favor and toss up a prayer or two.


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