Original Gravity

I’ve always been on the scrawny side, so of course one of the easiest parts of this project to be concerned about is my original gravity.

Typically, I weigh in at about 140 pounds, give or take a couple. To make sure I had something to lose–literally–I decided to beef up a bit before starting the fast. Beginning just before Thanksgiving, I stepped up my doughnut and milk shake intake. More importantly, I disciplined myself to eat breakfast, lunch and dinner each day. I usually don’t have much more than coffee for breakfast during the work week. I all-too-often, I skip lunch.

Eating three squares a day has been a challenge, but by New Year’s Day, I had hit 162 pounds, an all-time high. I didn’t like the way it felt, so I backed off and quickly dropped about 7 pounds. Since then, I’ve tried to just bump into the 160-165 range, but honestly, I don’t like the feeling of eating this much, nor the heartburn that emerges in the evening.

While the beer I’ll be consuming started out at 19 Plato, I went to the doctor for a pre-fast physical last Wednesday and weighed in at 158. With a strong finish to stage one of this project, I’ll hit 160 before Wednesday. This weekend, the boys and I shared our last whomp of pancakes for breakfast, Michelle threw down a much-craved carbonara for me and I hooked up a Moroccan tagine before finishing the night with an extra large bowl of double chocolate brownie ice cream.

I will miss many things during the fast, especially pancakes on the weekends and ice cream. They are foods I love, but they also mean bonding time with Jake and Tom.


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