Day 3

Everything I’ve read about extended fasting has said that the first three days are the most difficult, and so I was prepared for the worst.

Honestly, I feel quite good. A touch of light hunger, but nothing serious at all. A couple of appointments first thing had me walking up and down Main Street in crisp, refreshing air on a beautiful day, and that shook the cobwebs of headache out of my system. I expected to be hurting today, but not so.

I met with Rev. Rummer a few minutes ago, and he really is a grounding force for me. My concerns had nothing to do with physical discomfort, as I expected at this juncture; instead, it has been all the media attention that has taken away time and attention to the planned-for quiet and contemplative elements of my endeavor. With the exception of one telephone interview I agreed to do, I’m not touching my phone or the Internet over the weekend–I need to withdraw. I appreciate everyone’s comments, but if it’s your first time in this next day or two, expect me to not fool with any moderating until Monday morning.

Wise and soft-spoken, Rummer was reassuring. God is there, amongst the chaos, after all.

As I said, physically, I’m feeling good. A little weak first thing in the morning, but strength builds soon. I had a minor craving for a doughnut when I pulled into my parking place this morning (often I get out of the Jeep and walk straight to the bakery), I had a flash of a craving for olives (of all things) and had to endure a working lunch meeting (which smelled greasy-good), but I survived.

I forgot to mention my weigh-in yesterday: 157 pounds.

Today: 155.

That’s five pounds melted away so far. Not sure if that number’s good or bad, but it is what it is.

Grace and Strength!




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8 responses to “Day 3

  • Bevy

    Congratulations – you weigh the SAME as me this morning … 🙂

  • Wilson

    PS-though I said I’d be taking a break from all the clutter, I do still plan to post a daily entry at some point Saturday and Sunday.

  • Jackie

    Hi, my name is Jackie . I think what you are doing is great. I’ve only ever fasted 10 days on the lemonade diet aka master cleanse, and I remember the headaches were brutal for me . I have read through your diary and am glad to hear you are doing alright and your headache is gone now . God Bless you on your lenten journey . I will pray for you and I hope God accepts your sacrifice and that many blessings will come of it.

    I’m not convinced that beer is good for you however but when it comes to beer you know more than me 🙂

  • kelli kerkhoff

    I grew up in Corning (20 yrs ago)and miss parts of it dearly. I wish you the best and will check up on you. I can’t imagine getting that “full” feeling from beer so that has to be very difficult to deal with.
    Good luck and we’ll have to check out your beer next time we’re in Des Moines. My husband makes beer every once in a while and enjoys it. Have fun with this and don’t worry about any negatives. Everything happens for a reason, even the publicity.

  • Stefanei

    I think for me it would be the mental aspect of things. Like you mentioned before, skipping a meal due to coffee or simply being busy doesn’t really register on the hunger scale immediately. It kind of creeps up on you. But telling yourself “I can’t eat that meal everyone else is eating,” is mentally rough. To say that for the entire length of Lent is something in itself I can’t even grasp. Best of luck to you! My husband is a homebrewer and I think you just gave him a new hobby… reading your blog!

  • Amanda Borenstadt

    Wow, I won’t complain about just missing coffee (the thing I gave up) over Lent! I’m impressed you can still function mentally on just beer, but I guess if it’s kind of like liquid bread if it’s a strong hearty beer. May God bless you. 🙂

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