Day 4

Last night, I made a concerted effort to finish drinking, both beer and water, a little earlier, so that I might get a little rest. It was with great excitement that the urge to pee didn’t arrive until 6:30 or so this morning–so I got some much-needed rest overnight.

I crawled back into bed and spent some quiet time, eventually grabbing my iPod to just relax and rest and absorb some tune-age, which is a way I like to unwind and think.

Michelle brought me breakfast-in-bed, which seemed sorta beautiful. When I got up, I felt none of the wobbliness that I had experienced the two previous days. I was bursting with energy. Seemed like a good day to go cut wood, but I knew that was a lousy idea, all things considered.

With the exception of an interview with Michael Feldman’s Whad’Ya Know? and posting today’s Diary entry, today, I’m fasting not only from food, but also from my phone and Internet access. I have two nieces and a nephew in town, so I look forward to spending some time with them.

For the record, I weighed in at 150.5 pounds today, which is to say I’ve lost 10 pounds already. Ouch.

While I spent some time this morning with my headphones on, what stuck out was a line from Old Crow Medicine Show’s “We’re All in this Together:”

“All there is is a slow road to freedom

Heaven above and the devil beneath.”

That may sum it up. With any luck, we’ll walk the road well and take advantage of the fact that while on this earth, we are all in this together, and afterward, we have two places we might hope to live out the rest of eternity. With that, I’d suggest that everyone take a moment to reach out in prayer for the good folks in Japan who are navigating disaster this week.


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6 responses to “Day 4

  • Bob List

    God Bless you Mr Wilson, I’ve always given up beer during Lent but your fast seems more noble.
    Whatever brings us closer to God!

  • Jolly Rodger

    You need to drink more pints, seriously. Under 1200 calories/day you’re getting with 4 beers is really bad. They don’t recommend men consume less than 1600 when dieting… and this is a prolonged fast which makes it more vital since you’re not getting other nutrients from a variety of food.

  • April Wilson

    I found your blog due to coverage on the Omaha local news. As a Christian who loves to drink beer I find this experement enlightening and amazing! Good luck I’ll keep you in my prayers and as you said in an earlier post I too hope that beer drinkers learn something about Christianity and Christians learn something about beer!!!

  • Rob

    As a former Vineyard pastor that has been homebrewing for 20 years, this is very cool. I’m astonished you haven’t had intense headaches. For Spiritual Discipline reasons, back in 2007 I fasted once per week for 6 months, starting with one meal and building up to 72 hours by the end of the six month period. I got an intense headache every week.
    As far as Dopplebocks, I brewed a 1.100 OG, 1.025 FG Dopplebock last winter. Killer style – I love it, but can’t imagine having 4 per day. Best I can calculate, it is right around 300 calories, 10%ABV.
    Looking forward to the daily entries, Go Cyclones!

  • Shannon

    Hi, I just read a post of yours on AOL about the man who decided to drink solely beer for lent. I wanted to let you know that Lent is NOT when Christians give up a certain food. During lent you CAN give up eating a certain food, but the point is to make any type of sacrifice to better yourself, for example during lent you may decide to start getting up before seven, give people more compliments, or go on a run every day. Lent has nothing to do with giving up food. I thought you may be misinformed, so thought I’d let you know.

  • Steve

    Good luck, J Wilson and God speed!

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