Day 6

Raise one! I gained a pound today! Is there any sense in writing anything else?

I’ll try.

Thank goodness for the work week. Thank goodness it’s five days long, and the weekend’s only two. I’ve really enjoyed spending the day in a location that didn’t accidentally have delicious food-tastic aromas. It’s been much easier that way.

For the most part I can talk about food and I can look at food, but the sniffing is tough. My only rough spot today was listening to The Beatles’ “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds.” Those freaking marmalade skies!

I also spent some time at my desk with Johnny Cash, and the deep philosophical question emerged. Was Johnny, like I’m striving to achieve, a monk in the everyday world? Hard not to ponder, with these kinds of words:

“Till armageddon, no Shalom, no Shalom. Then the father hen will call his chickens home. The wise men will bow down before the throne. And at his feet they’ll cast their golden crown. When the man comes around.

Whoever is just, let him be unjust still. Whoever is righteous, let him be righteous still. Whoever is filthy, let him be filthy still. Listen to the words long written down, when the man comes around.”

There’s more where that came from, let me tell you.

For the record, I should mention that on both Saturday and Sunday, I had to design a large gap between beers into my schedule. Both times, with some necessary activity on my part, I found that I hit a moment of blood-sugar problem, with a little shakiness and cold sweat. Beer fixed it, and I paid very close attention to today’s schedule to keep everything on that front under control.

It’s been a good day, a highlight being that my long, lost buddy Jennifer walked through the door to catch up after something-teen years.

These things matter: God, family, friends. That might be about it.

Peace and Pints, all.


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6 responses to “Day 6

  • Rita

    I’m reading every day to see how you’re doing. Read about you in DM Register. I’m in Burlington and also a beer lover. We have the lost duck brewery near here in Ft Madison. Excellent beer. Good luck to you. I hope you know what you’re doing! 😉
    Rock on!

  • Andy

    …and the choir rings out:


  • Bob

    “Beer fixed it”

    (use Homer Simpson voice)
    Is there nothing beer can’t fix?!

  • Rob

    Speaking of Johnny Cash, how about “Sunday Morning Coming Down”? “I woke up Sunday morning with no way to hold my head that didn’t hurt. The beer I had for breakfast wasn’t bad so I had one more for dessert”. Almost sounds fitting for your diet. Keep up the good work. Beer drinkers everywhere are watching.

  • Bill

    I’m a home brewer myself. Years ago, when I was younger, I used to do a ‘liquid only’ Lenten fast (but it wasn’t beer … just juices, pop, milk, etc.). I did it for 10-12 years. The first few years, I’d lose 35-50 lbs. over the period, which was good, because I’ve always been ‘robust’ in size. One thing you’re going to have to watch out for is severe hardening of stool, with difficult in ‘going’. This will come after you get a few weeks into the program. Since I was doing juices, I was able to mitigate the problem by including some prune juice.

    Having gone through what you’re doing (well, sorta, I wasn’t doing doppelbocks only), I know you can make it. For a positive thought, think of the “Footprints in the Sand” verse .. very inspiring. Cheers!

  • Marc

    keep up the good work!
    As a Catholic, I support every single glass of beer you drink, and my prayers are behind every single one. Do it! Show the world that man does not live on bread alone…but beer and the help of God.

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