Day 7

Perhaps it’s divine intervention, but I added another pound today. I weighed in at 150.5, which is to say that I’ve lost a total of 10 pounds in the first seven days of the fast. Again, today was excellent, physically.

I’m still fielding persistent media queries, and since some of them include follow-ups down the road, I think that despite Libya and Japan, folks will continue to pay attention to my little study. This is fine with me as long as I’m able to achieve balance. On the work front, I’ve been successful so far, as today we finished our first beer-only newspaper, probably a first for this or any other paper.

The scheduling for the start of the fast couldn’t have worked out better, as the first three days took place on our least-hectic days, so if I were feeling rough I would have had flexibility for ditching in the afternoon for a nap or moaning. Not necessary. All has been well at work and at home, though I need nose plugs during dinner time.

The greater challenge has been balance with the telephone/Internet, so I look forward to turning them off again this weekend. Without that distraction, it’s easier to spend time in prayer and study. But as I said the other day, I have found my “tunnel,” and can navigate my day with acute awareness, and if I can continue to accomplish that, then all will be well. With the close of today, I finish my “Monk in the World” curriculum I mentioned the other day. It has served me well in outlining the elements of a balanced life lived in the craziness of the “real world.”

I especially connected to the day which discussed Community. I hadn’t thought about community as being a necessary element of getting through this fast (the monks certainly would have had it), but the many expressions of support have certainly been reassuring. Most folks seem to understand my motives, share my interest in the topic and a few are even fasting along with me. There is a community where I hadn’t expected one. Thanks for that.

My best to all. Cheers!


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8 responses to “Day 7

  • Nate

    You’re doing a great job, keep up the good work. I keep telling more and more people about what you are doing, and at first everyone thinks you are just out to get drunk until I explain it to them. It really is interesting what you are doing and from the looks of it, you will make it through just fine. Thanks for the updates. Cheers Mate.

  • Kathy Byers

    I am one of those fasters joining in. My version is modified. No way to ask the state about drinking beer for breakfast and lunch. I went to bed Fat Tuesday thinking “no way” – I’m not doing that and woke Wednesday with the thought “well, I’ll never do a triathlon” and knew I was joining you, albeit moderated fashion. I drink dopplebock – 1 or 2 Salvator – in the eve after work. In the morning I juice cabbage/carrot/celery because it is the best I can come up with at this point. My parameters are dopplebock, vege juice, and protein drink. My first protein drink was yesterday. Unlike you, my work week is much more trying than my weekends. If I could drink dopple during timed increments I think it would be easier. My stepping off is the inspiration of your journey and my curiosity….spiritual always important. Yesterday was tough and I found myself admiring the wisdom of your aligning with a spiritual advisor. He looks like a kind-hearted soul. For now, I am finding greater depth and joy in reading Anthony De Mello and listening to Adyashanti at work.

    J – you are onto something important here. Not sure exactly what it is yet….


  • Shawn

    I was lucky enough to catch your interview on Whaddya Know, and I was instantly fascinated by the story. I’m a christian who adores beer, what else!? Oh yeah, a fellow Iowan – born and raised in DM, but now residing in CR. In an unusual move, our pastor has been encouraging the congregation to fast (give up something) this year for Lent so I’ve been giving it serious consideration. Enough consideration that I’ve decided to do a 24 hour fast once a week during Lent. In the middle of the first right now – piece of cake:-) Not looking forward to the headache tomorrow morning. I will miss my coffee, but the hunger hasn’t been bad at all. One thing our pastor mentioned last Sunday about fasting, and I think it relates to your “tunnel,” is that when you deprive your body of food your mind realizes that there must be something more important that it needs to focus on instead of eating. Makes sense to me. Anyway, I wish you the best. I really hope to try some of The Illuminator some day.

  • S

    Wilson, What are you doing as far as exercise during your fast? I would imagine not too much given your reduced caloric intake. What did your doc recommend as far as that goes?

  • Tobias

    I don’t know if anyone’s told you this, but a good friend of mine wrote this about you on my facebook wall:

    “He should know that the monks ate solid foods on Sundays; which are not considered a part of Lent.”

  • Stephen Ley

    I just came across your blog. I’ll be raising a glass of Ayinger Celebrator to you and this worthy project. Grace and peace to you!

  • Mark

    I came across this this morning. What willpower, what determination, what commitment to the historical consumption of a delightful brew style. I featured your story on my own blog, and hopefully people will take interest and delve into your story like I did. God bless.

  • Tommy

    Hope you make it to your goal. Will be attempting something similar for the last week in Lent up to Easter dinner. Interesting about the tunnel-vision, does it help by focusing away from food?

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