Day 8

I started the non-toothbrushing part of my day with Eric talking to some radio station in Canada. Today has been a blend of work and continued interviews, and afterward, he sent me a message to the effect of it “makes being in the world but not of the world interesting.”

That is the challenge, but it seems to be going okay. I can stay focused on my purpose, even if I’m talking to drunken bozos on a Kansas City radio station who don’t understand the concept of quality over quantity, which is my life, despite this peculiar project that at first blush looks like a frat-boy stunt.  Most interviewers, whether print, radio or television, have been both interested and gracious (for the record). I care not, and both Michelle and Tom will be happy that CBS’s Early Show decided to pass on telling this amazing story, despite their flirting, because the story is perhaps “too spiritual” and “not TV friendly.” Fine by me, I’m tired of the phone, have a job to do and wasn’t looking forward to cleaning and repainting my house over the weekend.

More interestingly, I thought you’d want to learn about my breath and stools! I’ve reached a new stage of detoxification, and I now awake in the morning with my mouth tasting of cooked cabbage, broccoli and cauliflower. On the toilet front, everything still works; thanks for asking. Weight-wise, I’m holding pretty steady at this point, clocking in at 149.5 today, so eleven pounds shed as of day eight, but hovering in the 149-150 range for three days straight.

Now that I’ve worked my way through my “Monk in the World” curriculum, I’m scooting more heavily into Psalms, which are an integral part of a monk’s daily life. They are an element of the Bible that I’ve largely ignored in my life. Songs, yet not as cool as “Whole Lotta Love,” I couldn’t quite get them as a kid. Looking at them through new lenses, however, I can suddenly understand the attraction, and why the Benedictines maintain(ed) such a strict regimen daily. Me, I’ve divided their total by the days I have left and will be doing four per day, two in the morning and two in the evening.

There have been a number of specific questions floating through the comments in the last few days, and let me just say that I’m having a difficult time getting around to answering them within the comment thread of each individual post. If you shoot me an email, I will answer them: jwmongrel [AT] yahoo DOT com.

Have a delicious rest of your day, whether solid or liquid. Cheers, all!


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4 responses to “Day 8

  • Erik the Red

    Skip too Psalm 37 right away, I think it will be good for your mood. As for eating on Sunday and re-starting, no problem until day number 3 creeps up on you in the new week. Monday and Tuesday were easy, but Wed has proven challenging. It was probably a good call not going with the Post that stated the monks broke fast on Sundays. They may have, but I suspect not.

  • splendid

    Keep thinking positive! You are doing fantastic,what an exciting spiritual journey you have embarked on! thank you so much for sharing all of it with us.

  • Stephen

    The Psalms rock! I’ve been spending a lot of time in 46 & 51 lately. Peace…

  • Christie

    As an alternate to reading 4-a-day, try the liturgy of the hours – the modern version of the psalm reading that monks, priests, and nuns still do. It combines three psalms, a new testament canticle/song, a new testament reading, and intentions… usually with a theme. Free versions online!

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