Day 10

Wow! Just look at that calendar fly by!

One might think that this crazy guy might actually have the will power to pull this thing off. I met with Rev. Rummer today and asked him if he thought we’d get this far, and what kind of prognosis he had. “Barring something that is beyond what human intervention can handle,” he said. “I think you’ll go all the way.”

He knew I wasn’t just kidding around from the beginning, as have all those important to me, but it is amazing to think that I’ve consumed nothing but beer and water for ten days. In high school, that was just a dream, though it was of a very different style of beer drinking.

Though I’ve pulled many nuggets from this time, there’s a part of me that’s concerned that this won’t be an interesting study if I don’t burst into flames soon. My friend Marty said as much today, figuring that Act II was in need of some spice. Where the story goes, only God knows. I’ll try to keep it mellow and safe, but if my liver bursts, rest assured that I’ll be hollering at Jon (at work) or Jake (at home) to “get that freaking camera and take some pictures!”

Clearly, today has been good if I have the nerve to speculate on stuff that would make my mom nervous. I should publish her phone number so these radio talk show guys would start pestering her instead of me. Just kidding.

Seriously, though, I weighed in at 149 pounds today, which is a two-pound increase over yesterday. And I feel good.

Rummer was a beacon of pensive light today. Hard to believe I didn’t extinguish that light today, as I’ll admit that I walked into his office like a fire hose gone mad. I couldn’t help it, there was so much to review in topics ranging from physical to media to illumination. He likened the duration of my journey to a drill bit, which makes the same 360 degree path over and over. However, each time, it’s a little bit deeper. Each day that passes without a bleeding liver is a day that I still go deeper, and as long as my eyes stay open and my ears stay alert, there will be something to learn.

Tonight is Pints & Poses at Michelle’s Yoga Studio, a yoga happy hour that we do on a monthly basis–class, then BYOBottle social time with miscellaneous beers, wines and snacks. It’s a great time and today is special because she’s designed a special class for the liver just for me.

I may need it before this is through, but so far everything’s just peachy.


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One response to “Day 10

  • Kathy

    Thank you. Thank you for your writing. Thank you for your tenacity. “…burst into flames..” very good and funny stuff. Very good because it speaks a language I know! Very funny the way you carefully dance with the intensity.

    I doubt that it is all for nothing.


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