Day 12

A quick check in from Day 12:


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5 responses to “Day 12

  • Bladdamasta

    Stay strong, buddy. Watching with interest from Australia. We’ll do a shout out from our wordpress blog later in the week.

  • partimer

    Hey, 1/4 of the way there! Woot woot!
    I was wondering if you get a beer rush at breakfast time? Seeing as you’re bored, have you thought about having all four of your beers for breakfast? 🙂
    Although I think I’m through my addiction pangs, there are times late at night when I find the absence of a beer quite dull, but missing something you like is part of it right? I have drunk daily for the best part of 25 years so this is well overdue. I felt dreadful for the the first week or so, headaches insomnia and general lethargy. Coming out the other end of it. Glad you look OK, only 34 days to go!
    Just a thought, are you drinking mineral water?
    Keep it up!

  • Kathy

    Wilson – As always what I appreciate about you is your honesty. These days to make a commitment and stick by it is an amazing and important testimony. Because of you I have studied more about beer in the past 2 weeks than I would have ever been inspired to do. Some really very amazing stuff to learn about beer as I have! (I know more about beer now than I did when living in Germany serving it up!) One of the more amazing things I am learning is what a catalyst beer is….I don’t feel it is about the beer at all anymore (though I do enjoy it still). Sometimes I wonder if that is how it was for the monks.

    • CARLA

      Kathy! Are you finding out how *nutritious* beer is, too?! It cured a many of my deficiencies, unbeknownst to me…and, one reason I think Wilson should have no worries…especially with his higher caloric Illuminator!! Just curious as to what you mean by ‘catalyst’?!! One thing I have noticed is my metabolism seems much higher and more stable since imbibing in beer more frequently…please do enlighten us~ And, Wilson, wow! keep on keeping on…you needn’t worry about your liver…your body is an amazing adaptive machine…let it do its thing w/o your mind interfering! Thanks for keeping us in the loop here…just make sure you are getting enough calories and if you are ever feeling a bit low…imbibe a ‘Certified Evil’ by Zac Tremain in LaVista NE (Just to balance all the spiritual out…ha!)…the ‘Lucky Bucket’ dude it is super dark…black molasses and nutrient dense!! cheers!:)


    oops! my bad, Wilson. I meant ‘Zac Triemert’…as you were…carry on. LOL

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