Day 14

It’s funny, the things that cause worry.

The last couple of days, I have been increasingly alarmed about my condition. I didn’t want to mention it too soon, but yesterday, let me tell you, I started to worry. My tongue is hurting. It’s like the alcohol is drying it out, beating it down. Since food and flavor is such an integral part of my quality world, this caused a moment of worry.

“If I thought I was going to ruin my taste buds, I would shut this project down right now,” I announced to Michelle, clear about my flavor-soaked plans for the rest of our life together.

She looked at me, puzzled. “You’d stop because you didn’t want to ruin your tongue, but you don’t mind ruining your liver?”

That’s how mean women talk sometimes. Ever notice that?

“It’s not that,” I corrected. “It’s just that you can monitor your liver’s functioning to know if there’s a problem. But what if I’ve already burned off my buds?”

What you don’t know can be scary (check it out–I’m not digressing into a discussion of fear-mongering Christian preachers!). I’ve learned today that your taste buds regenerate themselves every ten days or so, so perhaps I can relax. And I already knew that much of taste is picked up through the sense of smell. So it’s probably no big deal, but having your tongue be tired of the same thing and feel like sandpaper is a little worrisome. I’m thinking of massaging it in olive oil tonight for a little moisturizing magic.

I go to the doctor for my two-week check-up tomorrow morning for him to monitor my freaking liver. But I’ll also be asking him about my precious tongue, rest assured.

For the record: 147.5 pounds today.



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5 responses to “Day 14

  • Bill

    Don’t worry about your tongue. Normally, when you’re eating, it sort of keeps the tongue in shape with the workout the food gives it. When I used to do the fast, I’d get a ‘coated tongue’. I found that when I brush my teeth, it was a good idea to brush my tongue thoroughly at the end of the brushing routine. That solved my tongue problems.

  • Ben Szarzynski

    I have been following your blog since day two when I discovered it and applaud you sir for using lent to bring you closer to God. On the other hand, I laughed out loud at today’s post and had to share it with my wife. We’ll be praying for your liver and tongue.

  • S.

    Hi man! I think your work is very interesting. I knew about it some days ago. I’m a young brewer and I just want to say you that let the force be with you!
    Greetings from Spain!

  • lisa

    I listened to you on kroq this morning, wanted to pop in and say hello. Despite everything, you came off really well. Have you ever read the drawing of the dark by tim powers? That’s where I first heard of beer-as-food.

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