Day 17

Vocatus atque

non vocatus

Deus aderit

That’s what Rev. Rummer had to say today. These words, meaning “called or not called, God will be present,” say that whether you’re seeking Him or not, He is there. It’s not a matter of when will He show up?;  It’s when are you going to engage him? He’s already there.

As we sat down for our weekly conference, I outlined today that this week had been a good deal more mundane than last week, and I felt like I had no huge revelations to chat about. I had realized late in the week that I was less clearly in my “tunnel,” used to this thing I was doing, and so had put some effort into getting back on track. I’d been on auto-pilot, with work obligations, parent-teacher conferences and whatnot wearing me out. I was behind on my planned psalm reading and not being smacked with any new revelations as had come in the first few days. But as I told him my plight, I realized that every day can’t be a revelation, and that it’s important to pull yourself off of auto-pilot and put in the work if you have any hope of a good relationship with or strong message from God.

He likened it to the “ordinary time” in the church’s calendar between Pentecost and Advent, when there’s nothing huge happening on which to focus. God is there; you just gotta show up. This time, Rummer said, was the time to focus on the parts of oneself that might need addressed. They’re different for everybody.

We turned to the story of Moses and Ten Commandments, Part II, found starting at Exodus 34:27, where Moses was found to shine after talking with God. He put a veil on to speak with his human brethren, but took it off to speak with God. The takeaway for me is this: take off the veil and talk with God. We mustn’t climb a mountain or visit a sanctuary; we can do it anytime. He is there, readily accessible. All we have to do is take off the veil and take the initiative.

He is there for us. Even in the boring times, and possibly, especially so. Our goal should be to shine in the community.

PS: 147 pounds today.

Cheers, all!


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3 responses to “Day 17

  • Hops&barley

    You are obviously trying way too hard to get some religious meaning from an interesting experiment. Give up on the religious angle and enjoy the experience. If your god exists, it will let you know. If not, maybe you can be free of your hopeless infatuation with the non existent. Cheers!

  • parttimer

    I asked you about mineral water because it might be a good way to keep electrolytes in check. Alcohol processing uses up magnesium. Once magnesium gets out of kilter then a lot of other things go with it. Try drinking some mineral packed mineral water, san pellegrino or something similar if your fast allows it. How will you handle vit C? Can you drink any juices? Green pepper juice…does that exist?

    Finally, I feel better for abstinence. Takes a while for the body to change a habit. I was surprised how bad I felt there.

    How will you end your fast? Will you build up to solids slowly, will you quit drinking for a bit? Inspired by you I am making a Triple today and a Bock tomorrow, the portuguese are right, Bock truly is super.

    Keep it up.

  • Wilson

    parttimer-breaking the fast will take a few days, with smoothies early and bacon as soon as possible

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