Day 19

Once again, we took a short trip this weekend to celebrate Tom’s birthday, so just a brief hello to let you know I’m still kicking. I’ll put a piece of video up for Day 20 when time permits later today.

Today’s primary challenge was Krispy Kreme, where food is concerned, but honestly, that wasn’t a big deal. While I generally have a huge sweet tooth, ice cream, chocolate and doughnuts have absolutely been vacant from any food-dreams on my mind. Everything has been savory.

Since it doesn’t take an obese person to develop Type 2 Diabetes, I consider shedding sugar’s grip a real victory for this project. I’ll certainly enjoy my return to the land of love and fudge, but I’m pretty sure I’ll more easily eat that sort of thing in more disciplined and reduced manner.

Beyond that, I’ve found that the bustle of our little sortie into the city for shopping and recreation has worn me down. Pretty nappy today.


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