Day 23

Halfway there!

As a kid I was obsessed with baseball and as an adult I’ve been strongly involved in beer culture, but I’m not sure I’ve ever had a more single minded 23 days in my life. It’s been rewarding in many ways, it’s been a drag in a few ways and and I will hereafter appreciate the gifts of flavor and variety in ways I previously could not imagine.

It is curious, and ironic, that while I’ve spent the past three weeks subsisting on beer and water, I’ve been very food-centric in my daily endeavors. For several years, I’ve plotted a cookbook, compiling my inspirations, inventions, tweaks and grandma-recipes in a folder. When Michelle and the boys busy themselves with a meal in the evening, I’ve taken to my notebooks and recipe cards to bring this plan into greater focus. Has anyone ever written a cookbook while fasting? Seems weird, but it’s working out. Dreaming of food doesn’t bother me at all. I can think it and taste it without putting it in my mouth.


In other news, I took a pee test today! It was a follow-up from yesterday’s concern over my creatinine numbers, which speak to kidney stress. While I had been drinking quite a lot of water all along, I threw it down with greater gusto yesterday and that seems to have done the trick, flushing the bad guys away with great proficiency. My numbers today did not concern my doctor one bit.

I can certainly follow through on the water intake, but a catheter is sounding good right about now.


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7 responses to “Day 23

  • parttimer

    sure you’ve see it before but here’s a Beer Hunter show on monastic brews

  • Tony Tone

    J. Wilson!
    I know you are sick of doing morning radio interviews but we’d love to have you call the show! Just read the Chicago Tribune article and wanted to reach out.
    So if you’re not 100% done with interviews here’s another offer.
    Email me

    Thanks man,


  • noslenwerd

    Halfway there… awesome. Good luck the rest of the way!

    PS. what type of dopplebock are you drinking? Sorry I missed it if you typed it elsewhere.

  • Shawn Patrick Connelly

    I feel bad I’m just now finding out about this project of yours! Apparently I have managed to avoid mass media for the last couple of weeks, ’cause you’re everywhere. Anyway, just wanted to say cheers to you, my friend, and God bless with this very cool endeavor.


  • Amy in StL

    I drink about 75 oz of water a day, all of it by 3 or 4 in the afternoon. I find that by late afternoon I used to go about once an hour until early evening. I don’t drink water any later than that so it doesn’t disturb my sleep cycle. I have found that I usually can hold it longer than I thought I could and that over time has meant that I don’t feel the need to go as often. Keep it up; I can’t wait to see the book!

  • Wilson

    noslenwerd-It’s my own recipe which I brewed at Rock Bottom Brewery in Des Moines.

  • ~annie

    Your preoccupation with food and cooking is actually fairly typical when on restricted calories. Anorexics often display this behaviour and it was also documented in the Minnesota Starvation Experiment undertaken by the Civilian Public Service (CPS) and the Selective Service System during WWII.

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