Day 25

Coincidentally, the youth group at Rev. Rummer’s church had planned a lock-in event this weekend called “30-hour Famine.” Its goal was to teach hunger, awareness and compassion for those in less fortunate parts of the world. The kids gathered donations to send abroad and a little peer-recruiting encouraged my oldest son Jake to participate. I was both happy and proud and knew that the event would carry some enlightenment for him.

I dropped him off at midnight, but wouldn’t have to wait 30 hours before seeing him again. I had been tapped by the event organizer to share my experience. I didn’t hesitate to get involved. How often does a beer drinker get invited to a church to talk about his beer drinking schemes? It was, of course, much deeper than that, and appeared too good an educational opportunity to pass up.

After a short night’s sleep, I arrived at 8 a.m., when a few of the kids were noticing the absence of bacon and eggs in their life. I provided an overview of fasting and my project, as well as its beery origins, and encouraged the kids on their path, for the good they were doing and for the wisdom that sometimes only comes in a hands-on way.

Money was raised and seeds were planted.

A blog post can’t adequately capture the rest of my day. I left the Famine kids and trekked to Conception Abbey in rural, northwest Missouri. For Day 26, I’ll post from on-location to give you a little insight into that overnight experience.

Peace and Pints!



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