Day 27

Top 10 Physical Observances While Fasting on Beer and Water

10. I was only hungry on the first day

9. I get cold easier these days

8. The  osteoarthritus in my neck isn’t bothering me. This is a true miracle, because normally take two ibuprofen per day to avoid pain. I took two at midnight before I started and two on Day 7 [the only solid I’ve taken in]. Nothing since, and my neck isn’t barking at all.

7. My keen sense of smell is even more refined

6. Doppelbock raises blood sugar

5. My tongue feels crappy

4. Back ache=kidneys clogged=drink more water

3. I can make both chocolate ganache for Michelle and bacon and eggs for the boys without freaking out

2. I pee a lot

1. A beer diet does not cause impotence

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J. Wilson is an award-winning homebrewer, BJCP judge and pretty good dad. View all posts by Wilson

13 responses to “Day 27

  • Katy

    Does dopplebock taste good? What would you liken it to?

  • Wilson

    It tastes like bread and deliciousness

  • Rita

    But will you ever drink it again when your 46 days are done?

  • Wilson

    Of course I will, though I will certainly take a break, and in the future it will accompany food.

  • splendid

    thank you once again for sharing, i have enjoyed reading about your journey.

  • beeerer

    does this mean that your wife is preggers?

  • Amy in StL

    I’m wondering if you’ve ever felt buzzed during this Lent. I know that normally one beer doesn’t do it; but I’m wondering if the lack of solid food might change that. I know that I went on a very low calorie liquid diet and after a few days I felt like my brain cells weren’t firing right.

  • Wilson


    Amy-The only time I’ve felt a slight buzz has been when I’ve had to drink 2 beers in quicker succession because of appointments later in the day. This has only been 3-4 times total and if I drink water along with my beer, I seem to be able to stay clear-headed and get the job done.I try to do one at 8 am, noon, 3 p.m. and 7 p.m., and it seems to work well for a “normal” day.

  • Dan V

    I came across your blog yesterday and read the archives. I’m one of those 50-something white-haired Christians who often wears a tie – even work fulltime in ministry. Just wanted to say, bravo and good for you! Looks to me as if you’re serious about your faith, and about enjoying the fine gifts God has given us. Don’t worry about the small-minded naysayers – you have plenty of Scripture to back you up, as well as history. (See Colossians 2:20-23 and Romans 14:4, for example) Keep up the good work. I’m trusting you’ll finish the fast, and learn a great deal in the process.

  • carinne

    what food do you miss the most?
    maybe consider joining untappd (if you haven’t already)

  • Mike

    Top 10 Physical Observances While Fasting on Beer and Water – cool list. I like the order you listed them.
    Thanks and good luck. I will stick with you during your experiment. Where in Iowa are you at?

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