Day 29

Score one (two) for beer!

I received a couple of comments today from interested readers that really caught my attention. The first came from Tiffany, who noted that she had also decided to go on a liquid fast for Lent. People thought she was crazy, but now she has me as a crutch to point to, so I’m glad I can be of assistance. What was most intriguing to me is the difference between our experiences:

“I started off VERY hungry. I was drinking tomato soup (and I HATE that soup) every two hrs. the first week. I made fruit smoothies and drank loads of green tea, water and Boost protein shakes. In the first week, I lost 10 lbs. I was grumpy, I was starving, but I wanted to keep to this. My blood sugar dropped four days into the first week. After that first week, I realized I could do this. I stopped being as hungry. I didn’t need tomato or miso soup all the time any more. In fact, I only drink water, tea, vitamin water and a water mix with protein (from Special K) throughout my day now. I’ve lost a total of 25 lbs., and I’m only halfway through Lent and I feel FANTASTIC. My sense of smell is ridiculous compared to that of a dog’s because I can smell someone’s lunch in the office, that’s several offices away. I see a food commercial without wanting to punch the TV. I can talk about food without wanting to run to the first McDonald’s. I can be around people eating their lunch for a limited time, but its still better than quarantining that area.”

We’re both doing fine on Day 29, neither lacking for spunk or energy. But what I couldn’t help but notice at how much better off I seemed to be. I was really only hungry on Day 1, was never grumpy and am trailing on weight loss by seven pounds. Now, look, I know good and well that our bodies and lifestyles are different, but it certainly is interesting, and the only parts of her experience that I can say I envy would be the variety that I’ve denied myself, as well as a little protein that didn’t come from my own body.

The second message came from Yvonne:

“In 1988, I was diagnosed with Lupus–the really bad kind.  I was unable to walk, spent some time in ICU, and many believed I was on my way out of this world.

Over the years, I have had a couple of “incidents” coming out of  remission a couple of times. They blamed it on the sun, stress, etc.  I finally confessed (with much embarrassment) to one of my doctors that I always seemed to be fine when I was drinking beer, regularly.  If I stopped, within weeks, days, I seemed to have a problem. He said, ‘Hmmmm–Maybe it has somethig to do with the beer–the hops or something.’  I think he was right.”

Much has been written about the health benefits of beer (in moderation) recently, and this Lupus story might be a good springboard for further study as to why Yvonne seemed to fair better with a little beer in her life.

I know I fair better with beer in my life, and this delicious elixir seems to be doing its monk-discovered job of providing what I need. It is tasty and nutritious, and while I look forward to a little variety, I can’t complain about this experience.

Someone asked me yesterday if there was a concern that I wouldn’t make it to the end. “I’d have to get hit by a bus to stop,” was my response.


For those keeping track (and they are), I weighed 142 pounds today.

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3 responses to “Day 29

  • Todd Southworth

    And from one of those keeping track, FYI the trendline predicts your finishing weight at 134.

    Keep the faith!

  • Jim

    Do you have any recommendations for a good off the shelf beer if someone wanted to attempt this for a shorter period of time like a week or weekend? Maybe something local to the Des Moines area? I’ve enjoyed reading your blog since the start of your fast and it has encouraged me in my own lenten commitments. Thanks.

  • Wilson

    Go to Beer Crazy and Mark can hook you up. He’s got several doppelbocks in stock. Or if you really want to do it right, go to Rock Bottom and get some of my Illuminator while it lasts.

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