Day 33

Greetings from Day 33! Here’s a short video update.


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2 responses to “Day 33

  • Tiffany

    I’m pleasantly surprized I’m mentioned in your Day 29 blog. I mentioned it to a few co-workers who had to read the blog for themselves to believe me. Thank you for that =)

    When I first thought about doing this, I basically gave myself loop holes. I just said I’d have only liquids, to include alcohol and broth only soups. I didn’t want to ‘go over board’ though, like my previous comment, people thought I was crazy. Today, on my Lent journey, I’ve been sipping on Rockstar Energy + Recovery all afternoon. I’ve lost a few more pounds, and have increasingly become a better morning person (all this energy from the Fast is amazing). I find this gets easier with each passing day, though, I’m still looking forward to Easter.

    Keep at it! We’re almost there.

  • Kelly

    I am wondering how the spiritual side of this fast is impacting you and what you may be learning? Are you spending any of your time previously spent eating in prayer? Do you feel closer to God?

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