Day 34

“Drinking beer is easy. Trashing your hotel room is easy. But being a Christian, that’s a tough call. That’s rebellion.”

-Alice Cooper

Isn’t that the truth? All one must do to be a crazy beer drinker is fall in with a group of crazy beer drinkers. If his personality sucks, he just finds a different, more like-minded group of beer drinkers.

But to be a Christian, that takes serious cajones. Because some Christians have earned Christians a bad name. Me, I struggle with the narrow-minded, pharasitic, types. And the teetotalers. They rough up a good thing and drive people away. Too bad. There’s so much good stuff on offer.

It takes discipline to be one.

Much like being gay takes a thick skin, being a Christian in a rascally world is no small task. Gotta be tough. Monks employ a discipline that few could muster. Gotta give ’em credit. But to be a monk in the world–that’s even tougher, or at least a different brand of tougher. Not everyone could be a monk, but those who call themselves Christians simply should strive to be a monk in the world.

It’s a higher level of responsibility, difficult, and it’s not for everyone.

Alice is right. It’s rebellion.

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8 responses to “Day 34

  • greg

    great quotation by alice, never heard that one.

    most likely you did not mean it this way, but when you say you “Much like being gay takes a thick skin” you sound a bit like one of “the narrow-minded, pharasitic, types.” i don’t believe gay people feel it takes a thick skin to be who they are. unlike being a christian, which is a choice (although i bet some could argue that being christian is not a choice), being gay is not a choice. scientific studies have shown being gay may actually be an effect of their genetic code.

    keep up the good work, less than two weeks.

  • Jerry Davison

    J … awesome quote and post … keep up the good work.

    PS starting a biggest loser diet tomorrow at work … trying to kick-start the diet with 3 Ensures and 2 beers a day for 3 or 4 days … or whatever I can handle.

  • Wilson

    Greg, you’re right. I didn’t mean it that way. I totally understand and agree with you.

  • Brad

    Hey brother,

    Keep it up! You’re doing a great job.
    But there’s one thing that threw me off. What’s with the “gay” comment? Scripture is very clear that acting out on homosexuality is depraved. Your statement seems to compare being Christian with being gay, as if they were at all comparable.
    I don’t mean to judge those struggling with same sex attraction. But active homosexuality is blatantly against the Christian life and the view of sexuality and the human person. What’s up brother?


  • Rob Lorenz

    Good post. It is indeed tough trying to deal with religious folks who give Christianity a bad name. I am curious about this “monk in the world” program that you went through. What is it exactly?
    And I believe the “gay comment” was simply referring to the fact that both groups have to deal with a lot of crap from other folks.

  • Long Term Alcohol Treatment Center

    Rock on! I understand the spirit in which you go after your goal of lent. I am also sometimes called a traditionalist by those who love me and those who hate me I am called a purist.

  • Joel

    I’ve been enjoying following you on your journey. I am new to lent…having grown up in a place that didn’t embrace the Catholic tradition. I have been blessed by Lent over the past few years, which is why the headlines of your fast drew me in. Thank you for your honesty in each post. I have been blessed by the transformation of your Spirit over the past 34 days. Loved this quote (I think from day 33):

    “I’ve found that consistency and discipline, whether with regard to food or a devotional schedule or a marriage or any enterprise, are the keys to success.”

    You mentioned Eugene Peterson…thought I would throw out another author that teaches spiritual disciplines and attaining the good life…by Jesus. His name is Dallas Willard (you’ve probably heard of him)and his book The Divine Conspiracy is an unbelievable read that I think you’d enjoy.

    Stay Strong as you walk with God.
    Joel Harmon


    Not sure if you are keeping track of your press but they mentioned you on the Adam Carolla podcast. Not favorably but just thought I would let you know. It is the one with Greg Fitzsimmons about 44 minutes in.

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