Day 37

Though I’ve gained a half pound each of the last two days (currently sitting at 140 pounds), I’ll admit that I’m flipping tired. On one hand this could be attributed to the fact that I’ve been going without food for 37 days, but on the other, far more realistic, hand, it’s because I consume so bloody much liquid each day that no matter how well I empty my tank before turning in for the night, I still wake up four times (midnight, 2 a.m., 4 a.m. and 6 a.m.) to pee.

I’m not getting enough rest.

I can fight my way through a productive day at work, but the fact is, I’m weary. It’s tempting to stop imbibing at about 6 p.m. tonight, just so I might ensure an opportunity to sleep the whole night through. I’m sure my kidneys will complain, but I’m thinking it’s worth a shot.


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2 responses to “Day 37

  • JBW

    o.k J….. so i’ve actually been reading most of your blog every five days or so and i’m liking all the support that people have been giving you in your “quest”. i too support you in this, not so much that i would ever join you in doing the same only for the reason that i love food and need it just as much as you do. or the religious factor that you are seeking, i just don’t have that bone. so other than just for proving to ones self of your capabilities and sheer will power,….. or publicity is always an awesome thing and you have indeed got your name out. i gotta say that if we hung out more often i would be that little devil on your shoulder saying, eat eat eat

  • Amy in StL

    Wow, yeah definitely think about finishing up early so you can get some sleep. I can’t imagine waking up to pee during the night every night – must totally disrupt your sleep!

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