Day 43

I’m wearing down. It’s been a busy couple of weeks at work, and since I pee so much, I simply don’t get a good enough night’s sleep. Today is relief from having gotten to the downhill slope of my extra work obligations, but also tiredness from having pulled it off and a profound lack of rest.

I’d say I genuinely feel hunger now and very much look forward to a return to pizza, tapenade, hummus, cheese and pork products, among other delights.

People keep asking me, “What have you learned?” Much like, “Where did you get the idea to do this?” this question is difficult to answer. The answer is, “I don’t freaking know.”

I turn to the words of John Muir: “When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the universe.”

Is that a good answer? It sums it up, so it will have to do. I’ve found that all the thoughts I’ve mustered are all so tied together that it’s nearly impossible to put into words. I also find that when I use words like mustered, I think of other words, like mustard.

There are, of course, specifics, which I’ll sort out in the days to come…today, I just need a nap.

(137.5 pounds)


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10 responses to “Day 43

  • bladdamasta

    Photograph your first meal. We’d love to see it. is cheering you all the way home.

  • Donna Mason

    What will be your first meal???

  • Brian

    I remember in a Survivor episode, the people were in the first stages of starvation and became confused. Does that explain “Day 42” twice? Is your brain having issue related to your diet? Just curious…

    Now try to bulk up a bit in these last few days. My weight guess was 139.5 and I need 2 pounds back on you. 🙂


  • Stacy

    Happy Holy Thursday!

  • Wilson

    Brian, no just a bonehead.
    Donna, bacon smoothie

  • Merna

    Your Almost there!! Just three more days. Keep it up, ohh and don’t lose anymore weight because I had 137.5 as my guess. just kidding, would like to win but you have no control over your weight when doing this type of fast. Good luck!!

  • Andy

    This reminds me a lot of running marathons. You are in that dead area between mile 23 and the finish. You’re our of adrenalin, out of energy but you just listen to the cadence of your steps to get thru. But the minute you step over the finish line your world will change, and the feelings of accomplishment and understanding that only someone who has completed that task can understand, will stay with you for a lifetime.

  • flask

    i haven’t had much to say to you during this time, but i have been following your story with interest as i pass through my own lenten season.

    it’s maundy thursday and i’ll say a small prayer for you tonight at church.

    may your blessings be great.

  • Amy in StL

    Keep it up; you really are almost there. I know you’re tired but imagine how blissful that first full night of uninterrupted sleep will be knowing that you accomplished this task.

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