Day 44

I don’t know if it’s sleep deprivation or a divine light shining down through the windows of the Triple Rock Baptist Church at Jake Blues, but I had a powerful dream last night that woke me up rich in peculiarity.

As the reader has become aware, I hit the bathroom at 2 a.m. Tonight, as happens on occasion, I couldn’t get back to sleep, so lay awake until 4 a.m. when nature called yet again. Sleep was fleeting after that, but eventually I did nod off, and at that point I slept hard. I awoke in what felt like seconds later, weirded out by the intense imagery I had just witnessed:

Michelle at the wheel, she and I pulled into the parking lot of some unidentified country cemetery in the evening. The sun was preparing to set on the day, and it was gorgeous. The orange, pink and purple sky was spectacular. And so was the cemetery. The gravestones where big, rich, beautiful. And so I pounced from the car with my camera in hand working quickly to combine the sky and the right monument into a beautiful photograph. I hurried, I stumbled, I trounced over the top of graves in a reckless fashion.

Clicking fast, I kept working and reworking the scene. I noticed a spectacular stone tomb, dead center. It was the size of a small garage and inside its opening I could see an amazing monument, so I rushed forward, shooting like mad. Inside, captivated by the elaborate stonework, I rushed to the center for a closer look. 

Zap! An intense shock shook my chakras to their very foundations. I hit the ground. The electrical buzz held me down and I struggled to reach my feet, unsuccessful. Michelle arrived, thinking I’d simply fallen, not paying attention in an alarmed fashion. Instead, she began reading from a placard next to the central tomb. This was holy, holy space, the burial site of saints and more. 

Slowly, I reached my feet, still vibrating and now sounding Michelle’s alarm, as something was clearly wrong. At about this same time, a busload of children unloaded and invaded the graveyard with the same level of glee that I had done. They poured past my half-upright frame toward the central stone I had approached, and I called out to stop so they would not face the same consequence, still unsure what had happened.

They touched, maneuvered and crawled over the entire structure without incident. My tenseness relented when I saw that they were not stricken to the ground. I tried to explain to Michelle what had happened, to make sense of it, with little success. I was breathing hard and couldn’t put words to it. Electricity still vibrated in my extremities.

I gave up for the moment to compose myself and turned around to find no children and no central monument. It was blank. Vanished. And the sun was setting.

And then I awoke, with a slightly vibrating, labored breathing.

Children are innocent, and that protected them from God’s powerful discipline. I, however, knew how to act in a graveyard, in a sacred place. To get the amazing photo, I had ignored that law and been reprimanded. When you know, I believe, you are held to a higher standard. And I had just been reminded.

Perhaps this is my only true revelation, my only wisdom to share. This weird dream near the end of my weeks’ long search for something big.

Or not.


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11 responses to “Day 44

  • deirdrereid

    Geez, it’s been really interesting following you along on your journey, and now this! You’re showing us something sacred, a glimpse into your mind, the interaction of your mind with something else — call it whatever you (not just you, but the reader too) wants to call it. Your whole journey has been sacred in an odd way, good odd. Thanks for allowing us in.

  • Hops&barley

    I’m guessing ‘not’ – but that is just the hyper-rational atheist in me.


  • Jan

    Dear Jay,

    Thank you for sharing your Lenten fast with me I have enjoyed the ups and downs of your experience and I love the insights of your dream.

    I had read something else into it. That an initiate into the sacred realms scrambles into the site of grace and gets smitten down by a holy power. Recharged and re-aligned he gets up and re-enters the world.

    I was interested by your fast because I had done the opposite, by forgoing booze over lent. I look forward to that first beer of Easter Sunday and will be toasting you and your blog.

    May your Easter breakfast be satisfying and nourishing, take care.

    Best wishes.

  • Brian

    Well, it sounds like you have just gone and had yourself a vision. Very common in Native American culture. Personally, I find them rare but very rewarding. Glad you could have a pre-Easter reward. My pre-Easter reward will just be brewing this Saturday.


  • Ginny Morris

    You are almost there!! Congratulations!!! Only 2 more sleepless nights! LOL Going to miss following your journey!!

    Have you decided on your “break fast” meal??


  • Wilson

    Ginny-there will be bacon involved.

  • KC

    Have you ever read CS Lewis’s The Great Divorce? I think you’ll find some interesting parallels to your dream! Have a blessed Easter.

  • pete dillon

    It’s easy. Grace is bringing you to the sacredness which is written on the artall humans. This is the source of poetry, music, the ability to think about God (or reject the notion). You have stumbled onto the power of Truth, or religion, which is merely man’s innate longing for a return home to God. This has been fulfilled through a plan, with Jesus, and Truth has been passed through the Church, culminating with Jesus’ return. Think you might just be shocked to find yourself a Catholic in the near future. GOD BLESS and peace this Holy season. sic,

  • pete dillon

    That would be” on the heart of all humans” 🙂 stinking droid phone

  • Tammy

    Perhaps “we must become like children to enter the kingdom of heaven” Loved the journey. Thanks for sharing it with us.

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