Green light!

The book, Diary of a Part-Time Monk, chronicling the full version of the story contained within this blog, including more background on the beer, church connections, as well as fasting and health issues. To order, you can access Old Line Publishing here.

The book will also be available at both Amazon (in a few days) and Barnes & Noble (in 2-3 weeks) in both paperback and e-book style, in case you’re a Nook or Kindle type of person.

I’m doing a “book tour” of sorts (some of which is “barrel-aged,” featuring kegs of the barrel-aged version of the beer I drank during the fast). Check my Calendar page at brewvana to see if I’ll be in your neck of the woods; if so, please come out and say hello/share a beer with me. If you own a brewery, bar or bookstore and would like to line up an event, shoot me an email at jwilson[AT] brewvana [DOT] net.

Thanks for following the adventure, and I hope you enjoy the book. To keep up with my ongoing beery shenanigans, tune in to brewvana, my “regular” blog, or  follow me on Twitter here.


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J. Wilson is an award-winning homebrewer, BJCP judge and pretty good dad. View all posts by Wilson

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