The weight guess winner

Back on Day 30 , I initiated a contest to see who might be able to guess my final gravity. Though there were two guesses of 134.5 and one guess of 134.8, that winner was Ben, who correctly guessed 135 pounds on April 7.

And he wins!

I’ve contacted Ben, and as soon as I get his address, he’ll have a copy of Beginning Homebrew on the way to his mailbox.

Congratulations, Ben!


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One response to “The weight guess winner

  • James Ross

    Hey, I have a quick question. Do you believe substance impairment it immoral? This meaning taking in a substance, in any way, to impair and destort you reasoning and judgement system? An easer way to ask what I’m trying to ask is do you belive that getting drunk (merry, buzzed, tipsy, wasted, smashed) is immoral?

    I ask because over the past couple years of establishing my Faith, I have been seeking the truth in what things are, regardless of enviornmental, social,or religious influences. throughout this time I have personaly found any bit of intended substance impairment to be undignifying and an insult to one’s self, God and the substance itself (in this case, a beverage). I’m 21 years old and i love beer. I love to have one with a couple freinds as often as possible. But it’s hard to see everyone using these beverages as a drug (to whatever gravity) even the best men in the world. You seem like a good man so I wanted to hear your opinion on the matter…
    My Email is

    Thank you, In Christ, -James

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